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Essgi Infotech A Niche Laptop & Desktop Partner !

Essgi Infotech is an Authorised Business Partner for Many leading IT Brands such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP and others. †Can supply laptops and desktops in any of these brands based on customer preference.†

Desktops & Laptops

Desktops and Laptops of HP Lenovo Dell

Buy Laptops At Essgi Infotech

Laptops are also known as small mobile computers. They come with in-built battery, basic hardware, software and operating systems. Similar to that of PC, laptop computers include motherboard, processor,External hard disk, memory, graphic card, keyboard, mouse and so on. An advantage of laptops is that they are lightweight and smaller than a PC. You need to consider its various features and functions before making a purchase.

Laptops come with an array of features that make your work easier and convenient. They are designed with processor, usually Intel or AMD, most of them are dual core i.e., two processors on one chip and some Intel's processors use Hyper-threading that makes the dual core processor run like a†Apu quad-core†one. They also come with RAM for storage capacity. Some of the laptops are equipped with either integrated or dedicated graphic cards. To perform basic tasks you can use laptop's memory (RAM), but if you are keen about playing games or want to use video-editing software then you can go for a laptop with a separate graphics card. The Hard disk drive (HDD) in these laptops provide memory for long-term data storage that is measurable in gigabytes, stores the operating system, applications and files such as music, photos and documents. Solid state drive (SSD) equipped systems boot up faster, run programs quicker than computers that come with other types of data storage devices. Some of the laptops have this drive or a hybrid of solid state drive. Optical drive lets you store your data in a DVD burner. Some of them are designed with a blu-ray drive where you can enjoy HD movies.

They also come with 2 or 3 USB ports where you can connect your mouse, keyboard or any external drive. HDMI lets you connect your laptop to TV sets. Some of them also have memory card slots which makes it easier to get photos from cameras or your phone's memory card. Laptops also come with a port for internet connection, either wired or gigabit ethernet connection. You should also consider the battery life of a laptop before making a purchase. Adjusting the power settings on your laptops can help save battery life.†

You can also buy laptops online from our associate company, leading e-commerce website estorewale.com. This website has gained immense popularity for its user friendly interface and systematically organized filters. You can pick from its collection and even compare two or more models in terms of their price, features and specifications and buy the one that best suits your needs and requirements. You can choose from popular brands like Asus, Dell, Apple, HP,†Lenovo Laptops, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Wipro and so on. estorewale.com offers fast delivery and secure payment options such as cash on delivery, credit or debit card payment, net banking and EMI. estorewale also provides easy return and replacement policies to ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.

Buy All-in-One Desktops†

Computers are becoming smaller and smaller as technology improves and the old cumbersome machines make way for compact and space-saving computers. The all-in-one personal computers have only three parts that are visible which are the monitor, keyboard and mouse. As they require very little space, they can be placed almost anywhere and the wireless keyboard and mouse can be used from a comfortable distance. There are no wires outside of the monitor cabinet giving it a sleek, futuristic look while also helping you avoid clutter around your workspace.

Some all-in-one computers feature touchscreen technology which allows you to use your monitor as the input device, just like a tablet computer. You will need compatible operating systems like Windows 8, which responds to the commands entered on the screen. These computers can perform as well as any desktop computer and allow you to connect a variety of devices to it through USB ports. Some of them even allow you to connect Bluetooth enabled devices for easy transfer of data. If you are looking to get a full-blown entertainment system, you should opt for systems with higher specifications to enhance your visual and audio experience.

Buy an all-in-one computer online from India's largest megastore estorewale.com and have it delivered directly to your home. Choose from leading brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Compaq, HCL and Sony to find the perfect all-in-one model that suits your requirement. Pay for you brand new all-in-one computer online by using your credit or debit card. If you are not comfortable making payments online, you can avail the cash on delivery option and pay either by cash or card when you receive the computer. Shop online and browse through estorewale's extensive inventory of all-in-one computers to find one that fits your budget.

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Apple MAC Book Series

Professional photographers choose Apple Mac Book because of the awesome Photo editing options and awsome features with †beautifully lays out the photos in random order and size (configurable) - every project is a new experience.

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