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Company Profile
ESSGI INFOTECHcomprised of experienced qualified professionals specializing in the area of information Technology. Essgi Infotech was incorporated in 1998 and has been in operation for approximately Fifteen years with a staff compliment of 10 plus full time employees. Our office is located at Rajajinagar Bangalore close proximity to Devaih Park Metro Station.

Our primary function is the efficient and thorough development of merchandise and services to meet customers' technological needs. We are the Authorised Business Partner of branded products such as Apple, Samsung, APC, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Dell and TVS-E. All products sold by us carries manufacturer warranty which can also be extended at a small cost to the customer where necessary. Essgi Infotech is Authorised Service Providers for APC & Samsung Branded IT Products. We offer services for these brands during warranty & after standard warranty period. Our Service is ranging from sale of regular computer supplies to support of network both hardware and software. Essgi Infotech also provides service on a per call or contractual basis.

We are a technology based institution therefore the most efficient method of technology is tailored to suit specific needs taking into consideration affordability to the customer. We utilize technology such as remote access, routing and the entire platform of networking to serve and enhance all our customers' concerns. Essgi Infotech constantly upgrades its knowledge resources by continuously investing in research and development either by formal and in-house training or subscribing to leading literature.

Essgi Infotech is focused particularly on corporate and home office customers. Delivering excellent service in a timely and efficient manner to our customers is our number one priority. Corporate office and home office may be defined as any organization consisting of fifty clients or less, utilizing various forms of information technology. Most institutions of this size find that it is not feasible to have its own it department and as a result, they take advantage of the services offered by our company as the next best thing to having their own in-house resource. We are their main source of technological support whether it be on a contractual basis, telephone support or purchase of any merchandise. Small home office or corporate customers continue their alliance with us because of our excellent customer relationship, strategic location, reasonable service rates, extensive knowledge-base, payment facilities, free analysis of network or equipment, fifteen percent markup additional to manufactures cost, free telephone support and free pickup or delivery of equipment within the BBMP area with all these concepts and proven solutions.

Essgi Infotech is one of the leading power solution company and an Authorised APC Business Partner & Service Partner. Essgi Infotech is established with team of Professionals dedicated to focus on providing power solutions for home, office & data centre applications. The promoters of the company have more than 15 years of experience in the field of power management.

Essgi Infotech has total back up after sales support for installation or commission and servicing by our well-qualified and experienced, trained team for our customer. We have customer base of more than 5000 clients. Our customers form a wide cross-section of industries like L&T, Siemens, IISc and ABB to name few etc.

Essgi focuses its efforts on key application areas to provide the quality power solutions in :
  • Home or Home Office
  • Data Centers and Facilities
  • Engineering industries
Essgi Infotech is an Authorised APC Business Partner to view certificate please click here
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