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Essgi Infotech Your Smart Phone Partner !

Essgi Infotech is an Authorised Business Partner for Many leading Mobie Phones Brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Micromax, HTC and others. 


Smart Phones & Tablets

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Smartphones enable advanced connectivity and multiple functions. A Smartphone has the capability of performing multiple tasks and is endowed with in-built applications and features that make it all the more endearing to global users. Nowadays, almost all of us are using Smartphones that make our life easier and faster. Now you can download plenty of music, games, videos, and many more anytime, anywhere. A Smartphone can function effectively almost like a computer and is characterised by a comparatively larger screen space and a powerful Operating System that is capable of running various applications. A Smartphone has important features like a media player that enables you to listen to good music on the go, a powerful digital camera that makes you capture those frame-worthy moments beautifully, a GPS navigator that keeps track of where you are going, and apart from these there are other vital features like a touch-screen that displays high-resolution and crystal clear pictures, web-browsers, Wi-Fi and many more. One quality that differentiates a Smartphone from an Ordinary phone is the quality that it is smart and convenient to use. Astonishing features that clearly distinguishes a Smartphone from Cell phones
Operating System: Smartphones run on Operating Systems that ensure smooth and effective operation. Apple's iPhone runs on iOS, BlackBerry Smartphones run on BlackBerry OS. Other devices support the powerful Android OS from Google, the dynamic HP's webOS, and the super fast and vibrant Microsoft's Windows OS.
Applications: A Smartphone enables you to write and edit the Microsoft documents on the go. You can download plenty of applications like the handy personal assistants, the personal and business finance managers, and many more. You can edit photos and create your own play list that can include your personal favourites.
Access the Web: Now you can browse the internet at a higher speed, all due to the increasing popularity of 2G, 3G, and 4G network services that support many handsets. You can now browse your favourite sites in the whole big world of Internet.
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Smartphones support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity technologies and this ensures easy data transmission and fast internet access.
Touchscreen and Qwerty keyboard: Smartphones come with high resolution touchscreens that make the pictures and words lively and clear respectively. The keyboards that any Smartphone comprise are user friendly where you can just tap on the alphabets and numbers and create messages and documents on the go.
Messaging: Now you can send and receive text messages easily and shoot mails to your friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues. It can easily sync with your personal and professional e-mail accounts and some of these can even handle multiple email accounts.
Smartphones with delicate designs and powerful features
If you are looking for power and sophistication, then BlackBerry Z10 (Charcoal Black) is the perfect handset that you can pay for. This Smartphone has an unmatched corporate look that will make heads turn the moment you enter your office with this powerful gadget in hand.
The Apple iPhone 5s (Gold, 16GB) will quench your desire for a grand, light and chic designed gadget that has superlative features and applications incorporated in it.
Are you yearning for a gadget that can capture quality pictures, runs on a super fast processor, displays high-resolution pictures and videos, and is endowed with a vast memory space, which enables you to download and store data, then probably Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 (Pure White) is the phone you are longing to posses.
A Smartphone that has an impressive appearance and stylish appearance is rare, but with the Micromax A94 Mad-Grey Smartphone you can have a whole new experience.
Your desire for a dynamic Smartphone that clocks fine speed, can store beautiful pictorial memories, supports a competent Operating system, and most importantly fits your budget, will be placated by the powerful Xolo A500 Club (Black) gadget.
Now you can make your life all the more exciting and fun filled with the Smartphones that have enticing features and applications. Theres good news for the gamers, as these Smartphones have plenty of pre-installed games and apps that you can download in order to make your experience even more entertaining.

Smart Phones

Right from the times when we used letters to communicate with our loved ones to the times when we had landline phones at home to present times when each of us has a cell phone - technology has taken us places over the years. The world has become a smaller place and staying in touch with friends and family has never been this easy. All thanks to the internet and mobile phones.
There were times when mobiles were used solely for the purpose of calling and then there were times when text messaging became the new fad. But today, smartphones have transformed our lives completely. Apart from calling and text messaging, we use mobiles for so many other purposes.

See what you can do with mobiles today

Cell phones have become a major source of entertainment. Micro SD cards enable you to store a large number of songs in your phone so that you can create your own playlist and listen to it wherever you are. Smart phones enable you to listen to songs even without you having to store them. You can also use your mobile to watch videos and movies. Mobiles today come with a screen as big as six inches; it enables you to watch movies conveniently. Moreover, you can also read your favourite books with the help of various applications. Those of you who are crazy about gaming also have something to feel happy about. Latest mobile phones have good processors and high RAM capacities which ensure that you can play games without any hassles.

Buy Mobile Phones Online

Mobile phones also enable you to manage your work from wherever you are. Various applications allow you to create, view and edit documents on your phone. You don’t have to worry about carrying your laptop from place to place to manage your work. You can also check your e-mail and manage your daily schedule.
In addition to this, cell phones today come with excellent cameras which make clicking pictures convenient for you. They have cameras ranging from 2 megapixels to 40 megapixels; you can make your choice based on your budget and requirement. You can click pictures in so many different modes. Even if you forget to carry your camera on an important event, you don’t have to worry. Smartphones takes care of everything. They also come with a secondary camera which lets you take selfies easily. You don’t need another person to click your picture for you. Just do it yourself. Secondary cameras also make video calling possible for you.
Choose mobile phones based on the features you require, your budget and your usage. Buy them online. You can take your pick from the large number of products available on online shopping stores. The various brands you can choose from are Motorola, Samsung, Sony Mobile Phones, Mi, Micromax, Karbonn, Asus, Nokia and many more. They are available at affordable prices to suit everyone’s budget.



Tablet PCs have made our lives simpler with features like mobile computing and wireless connectivity at our fingertips. In this digital age, almost all big mobile computer brands have entered the tablet market with advanced features like 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. The most popular models incorporate user-friendly features like voice calling and a large screen size. We offer a collection of such competent tablets from leading brands like Samsung, Lenovo, HCL, Dell, Micromax, iBall, Apple and lots more with a wide price range and feature set.
If you are a tech-savvy professional, cutting edge tablets from leading brands including HCL ME, Micromax Funbook, Apple iPad, iBall Slide, Samsung Galaxy Tab & Note and Dell Venue series can meet your requirements. They offer features like primary and front-facing cameras, high-resolution multi-touch screen, dual core processor and expandable internal memory up to 32 GB for all your bulky office applications on select devices. Sleek models like Apple iPads and Micromax Funbook cater to casual users who are interested in entertainment features like video, camera, music and internet surfing. The Kindle Fire series is a great option for avid book readers and gaming and app enthusiasts. You can also buy learn-and-fun tablets specially designed for kids.
Shop online at estorewale.com our associate partner and choose from our bestseller tablets that combine style and functionality to give an impressive performance. These tablets are equipped with front-runner operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows. You can also check out the new arrivals that feature advanced technologies like GPS, ambient light sensor, retina display and more. Browse hundreds of models in a range of display sizes and buy online at the low prices. You can also enhance the convenience and functional use of your tablet PC with our collection of accessories. Check out the great deals and offers on our popular tablets across all brands

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