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Essgi INFOTECH Undertakes Solar Power Plants Projects!

Essgi Infotech undertakes solar power plants on-grid ( Grid tied), off-grid and hybrid powerplant projects at economical prices with high quality products. 


Solar Rooftop Power Plants!


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Essgi Infotech, We design, supply and install solar hybrid power plants as per customer requirements. We also stringently check these products on various parameters to ensure optimum performance and longer functional life features. Our these products are also provided to our customers in customized specifications as per their specific requirement
The ‘Essgi’ philosophy is to become a preferred vendor that is easy on the consumers’ minds ie. very attractive to the eye, easy to operate, and at the same time, quite easy on the purse as well. Customers also get complete peace of mind through “Essgi Infotech” – a single-point service center that covers the entire product range. 


Advantages of Solar Power Plants & Karnataka Govt. Initiative !

  • Are you tired of paying Energy Company month after month for electricity?
  • Are you tired of the constant rate hikes and surcharges on your Electricity bill?
  • Why not add a solar energy system to your home and start producing your own electricity!
  • Produce Solar Energy - Earn Revenue
Karnataka Government Provides an opportunity to its Electricity Consumers to Install Grid connected solar rooftop System. As per the Solar policy 2014-21 of Govt. of Karnataka, All ESCOMs in Karnataka has implemented the programme for installation of Grid connected Solar Rooftop PV system on the Rooftops of Residential/Commercial/Educational/Industrial Organizations in Karnataka to encourage generation of Solar Energy.
Who are Eligible:
Under this program, the consumers can setup solar PV plants on rooftops of buildings of: 
  • Individual households 
  • Educational institutions 
  • Commercial establishments 
  • Industries etc. 
In fact anybody in Karnataka who takes energy from respective ESCOM is eligible under this scheme.
Capacity Limits of SRTPV:
  • Capacity limit is from 1KWp to 1000 KWp. 
  • FROM 1 KWp to a 500 KWp (to those who avail subsidy.) 
  • There is no upper limit for generation a roof top applicant with an Installed Capacity of 1KW can generate up to 1MWp.
Power Purchase Tariff:
  • Tariff as per KERC ORDER - DATED 10.10.2013 on Net Meter basis are as follows: (Tenure of the Power purchase agreement shall be for 25 years.)
Type of Solar PlantApproved Tariff in Rs./Unit
Roof Top Solar PV plants (Without Subsidy)
Roof Top Solar PV plants (with MNRE subsidy) 
Incentives to Go Solar:
  • Net Metering: Net Metering allows the Solar Project Owner to feed the excess Solar Power to grid when the load available is low, say, during weekends in office buildings. The excess power fed is offset against the electricity used from the grid in the electricity bill. 
  • Accelerated Depreciation: Accelerated depreciation of 80% is available under the Income Tax act for the Commercial and Industrial rooftop solar PV systems. This can provide significant savings to a SRTPV power plant generator who is a taxable assesse and has sufficient profits against which the depreciation can be charged. 
  • Section 32: of Indian Income Tax Act. Provides Accelerated Depreciation Of 80% of the Invested Capital in To Solar PV Projects to Professional Companies with Tax Liability. Investors Can Set off Their Tax Liability on the Taxable Income to the tune of 80% in the 1st Year and subsequently 20% in the 2nd Year.
  • Section 80-IA (sub section 4) of income tax Act, 1961 allows 100% tax waiver on the income generated for any single 10 year period during first 15 years of operational life of a power generation project.


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Live Demo Site :

We @ Essgi, belive is in renewable energy and setup live demo plant @ our office to enable our prospective customer's to understand the concept of green energy.   If you wish to have have demo when you plan to buy one, kindly get in touch with us.
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