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Essgi Infotech Authorised Business Partner & Service Provider for APC UPS !

Essgi Infotech is an Authorised Business Partner and Service Partner for APC by Schneder Electric UPS and Inverters across Karnataka.


APC UPS Banner for BX600 & Back UPS Series
Essgi Infotech, the country’s one of the leading Partner for APC UPS & its Services across Karnataka. Essgi is supporting all its customer through its mani office located in Bangalore and branch office located in Shimoga. Now Essgi Infotech is preferred choice at over 1.0 lakh households across India. With a strong stamp of the ‘ESSGI’ trust on it, the ‘ESSGI’ sells APC product portfolio range covers over 300+ products from single brand APC, from the latest range of Mobile accessories to high end business UPS of about 100KVA with standard warranty and personalised service for our small and mediupm customers as per their need. In line with the ‘Value-for-money’ proposition, ‘ESSGI’s’ products have been priced very attractively, thus offering much higher value vis--vis other stores in the market.

The ‘Essgi’ philosophy is to become a preferred vendor that is easy on the consumers’ minds ie. very attractive to the eye, easy to operate, and at the same time, quite easy on the purse as well. Customers also get complete peace of mind through “Essgi Infotech” – a single-point service center that covers the entire product range.

Line Interactive UPS Models :

Click on the below model to get the specification and to buy online directly. If you do not find one please mail us so that we will get backto you.

Online UPS Models :

APC RBC Battery Cartridges

Replacement battery for home and small business systems
Home offices and small businesses can use the APC Replacement Battery Cartridges (RBC) to allow their UPS to continue providing battery backup and surge protection for PCs, networks, and other important electronics. APC RBC is APC proprietory product manufactured and marketed by APC by Schneider Electric. All RBC batterries carries one year warranty from date of purchase.
Compatibility with UPS systems
Each APC RBC is tested and approved by APC to restore the performance of UPS systems to the original operating specifications. This RBC conforms to safety regulations and maintains original UPS specifications and protection policies. The battery has an expected life of three to five years comes with one year manufacturer warranty for manufacturing defects.
Fully assembled for easy hot-swap installation
APC RBC comes fully assembled with connections made with high-current, gas-tight crimps and fuses included, making hot-swap installation quick. No downtime is necessary in order to install the battery cartridges. Easy-to-follow replacement instructions are included.
Battery includes disposal instructions
The APC RBC is a spill-free sealed lead acid battery, which makes it compliant with international regulations and safe for transport. Almost all the lead content in the battery is reused, helping to protect the environment from hazardous chemicals. It includes reusable packaging with prepaid postage and instructions on how to properly dispose of old cartridges with nearby recycling partners.
What's in the box?
APC Replacement Battery Cartridge, connectors, installation guide, battery recycling guide, and reusable packaging.
How to identify my RBC Model?
You can visit our partner website www.estorewale.com for purchasing the desired RBC where all models are listed and sold. Alternatively, you can contact us with all details so that we can get back to you with solution.
Where to buy?
APC Replacement Battery Cartridge,can be purchased from our store or also place order through our online partner website www.estorewale.com all your purchase are warranted directly by APC.
APC RBC#2 for APC UPS  BX600 / BR600 / BE500 APC RBC Battery Cartridge for APC UPS BR1000 /BR1500
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