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APC Online UPS 3000VA / 3 KVA  with Builtin Battery                                                     /APC Products/src2000xlicc.jpg

APC Smart-UPS RT 3000VA 230V Harsh Environment

 - Builtin Batteries


Model No.
3000VA / 2100Watts / Single Phase
Battery Used
External Battery cannot be used. Built in Battery used as per the chart given in battery configuration table.
As per the battery configuration and battery used
For Desktop Computers, Laptops, Modems* / Routers* / TV* / SettopBox/CCTV* / Wireless Phones* and any other industrial applications.
 2 Years  Onsite Manufacturer Warranty including battery
 Rs. 61000.00 INR + 18% GST
Inbox Accessories
 Smart UPS signalling RS-232 cable , User Manual
Special Instructions if any
 You may purchase this unit through our online partner store https://apc.estorewale.com/product/apc-smart-ups-3kva-online-src3000xli-cc-built-in-battery/
*Max and Minimum load rules applies. If the connected load is below 50-60watts UPS may tend to switch off the load as UPS may not sense the low load.  If your connected load is more than the rated load it may not support specific load.
Battery Configuration
Battery Capacity
4.5AH X 8 Nos.
Expected Backup on Full load
 10 Mins.
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